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PG in Chennai

Most people consider Stanza Living to be a pretty decent PG in Chennai for students & working professionals. But those who live inside its four walls know that it's much, much more than any PG in OMR or Pallavaram. Because they know that no PG in Chennai, be it in Anna Nagar, Guindy or Nungambakkam, has professional room cleaning and laundry, customisable meals and a common area that's absolutely lit. Now, let us guess. You're thinking, what do they call it, if not a male PG or female PG near Kelambakam or Navalur or Sholinganallur? They call it what it feels like - their second home.

Things to remember while renting a PG in Chennai

You've probably heard it before, but the first thing to keep in mind while renting a PG for men or PG for women in Chennai is rent. More so if it's close to Padur or Siruseri. After the rent, comes what you get in return for that rent. For example, is there adequate furniture in that PG hostel? Or will your shoe rack also become your book shelf? Do you also get meals three times a day? Is the room cleaned daily or once/twice a week? Now, don't get frightened by the long list. Because we've gone through it for you, when we designed the Stanza Living experience. So if you choose to come live with us, you can forget this list. We've done all the remembering for you and compiled a list of our best residences: Eugene House, Tyler House, Whitby House, Clarksville House, and Sarnia House

What to look for in a PG accommodation in Chennai?

Long story short - the list of things to look for in a PG accommodation is pretty, pretty, pretty long. There used to be a time when just a bed to sleep in, a desk to work/study at, and food to eat were enough. But that was in the year 2000, not the 2020s. This is the 2020s we're talking about. Today, a great boys or girls PG with AC should also have high-speed Wi-Fi, meals you can customise through an app, professional-quality housekeeping and more. Too cool, right? So cool in fact, that you feel calling it a PG is not enough. A heavy name like modern coliving solution sounds more apt. But there is another, less heavy name for it - Stanza Living.

Looking for the best PG in Chennai? Here's why you should choose Stanza Living

Why should you choose Stanza Living instead of the hundreds upon hundreds of PGs in Chennai? That's an interesting question. Now, we usually like to be humble. But 80,000 young folks like you have chosen us. So safe to say, we're doing things better than your everyday PG. Basically, our rooms are not boring white with basic furniture. They're fully-furnished and vibrantly-designed. Our services are not just basic. They're exhaustive. And we also have the Stanza Living - Resident App, that no everyday PG would have. Next, we have resident life. Unlike at other PGs, you will actually have one at Stanza Living. Thanks to regular movie screenings, game nights and more. These are the reasons you should probably choose Stanza Living over other options. If you don't believe us, believe 80,000 of your peers who have.

Eugene House CO_ED
Double, Triple Hot and Delicious Meals, High-Speed WIFI and +7 more
Starts from ₹ 11,099 /mo*