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PG in Vijayawada

A common belief is that, for Students & Working professionals, Stanza Living is the top PG in Vijayawada. But, as any resident of Stanza Living would tell you, this place is no ordinary PG in Vaddeswaram. After all, it would be hard to find a 'PG accommodation in Vijayawada' that provides you with the lifestyle, the homely meals, the amenities, and the community that you'd find here. Even in Benz Circle. Well, you're probably thinking, if they don't call it a gents and ladies PG in Vijayawada, what do they call it? Their second home, that's what they call it.

Things to Remember while Renting a PG in Vijayawada

You might have heard that there's a lot that you should remember while renting a gents and ladies hostel in Vijayawada. The first one is rent. Especially if Kanuru or are nearby. The second thing to check is what paying that rent for that PG hostel gets you. Like, is there an attached bathroom? Or do you have to share it with the rest of the floor? Is there food included? And what about room cleaning, laundry, Wi-Fi, and electricity? Now, don't get frightened by the long list. Because we've gone through it for you when we designed the Stanza Living experience. So probably the only thing you'll have to remember is to get your things when you come and live in one of our residences: Almeria House, Constanta House, and Avila House.

What to Look for in a PG Accommodation in Vijayawada?

Let's not beat around the bust - the list of things to look for in a PG accommodation in Vijayawada is not short. You'd think just furniture and food would be enough. But that was enough in 2010. Not today. Like, today's definition of a great boys or girls PG with AC covers high-speed Wi-Fi, customizable meals, professional housekeeping, and a resident app to access all of it and more. Now, tell us, with so much to offer, you wouldn't call it just a 'PG', right? The right thing to call it would be a new-age, professionally-managed accommodation. But in case you'd prefer something simpler, there there is another name for it. Stanza Living.

Looking for the Best PG in Vijayawada? Here's why you should choose Stanza Living

Stanza Living vs any local PG in Vijayawada. That's an interesting match-up. Now, this might sound over-confident. But since 80,000 youngsters like you have chosen us, we've probably done a few things better than your average PG. Like, our rooms our colorful and vibrant, not boring white. Our services are exhaustive, not basic. And we also have the Stanza Living - Resident App to make requests (we don't expect you to chase us to get your room cleaned, for example). Next up, we have residence culture. Simply put, there actually is one at Stanza Living. Unlike most everyday PGs, we organize regular movie screenings, game nights, and more such events. So that life here is always, well, full of life. These are the reasons you should probably choose Stanza Living over other options. If you don't believe us, believe 80,000 of your peers who have.