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PG in Ahmedabad

Congrats? Since you are searching for a PG in Ahmedabad, We have got a well-versed & professionally managed, new-age PG accommodation in Ahmedabad for you. Ahmedabad, the ‘Manchester of India’, the land of business and enterprise, and now also your hub for the next few years. The opportunity to stay in a place that is more than just a place to stay. A place that provides all the comforts and energy you need to soak up everything this city has to offer. In a nutshell, we’re saying that the PG is worth it only if it feels like home in Ahmedabad. Unlike other paying guests’ accommodation in Ahmedabad, that cant offer you the feeling of your second home. Stanza Living can make you feel as this is your second home.

Checklist to Follow while Renting a PG in Ahmedabad

More than maintaining the checklist, you should ask yourself what should I expect from a PG in Ahmedabad that you’ll rent. Does it give you the feeling that you’ll just remember it as the best PG in Ahmedabad, you stayed in during your time in the city? Or will you think of it as the heart and soul of your time here? The second option feels more like it, doesn’t it? Well, in that case, you have to aspire for more than being a paying guest. And choose the only place that can make you feel at home. Stanza Living.

Things to Look for in a PG Accommodation in Ahmedabad?

You should look for everything, your PG Hostels in Ahmedabad should meet your needs. Every piece is equally important for it to feel complete, be it the cozy bedroom or the extensive amenities or the vibrant resident culture or the many other things that make up the complete living experience. Sadly, most paying guests are limited to only a few pieces of the puzzle. But thankfully, your options are no longer limited to them. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to stay in a place that, unlike other PGs, meets all your aspirations. The only place where your needs are better understood is home. That's why Stanza Living is called your second one.

Best Boys and Girls PG in Ahmedabad - Stanza Living

If you choose Stanza Living, you'll be one of the thousands of young boys and girls who've picked it over at a local Boys and Girls Hostel in Ahmedabad. And this is why. The first difference you'll notice is in the rooms. With us, your room will not be just a space to sleep and rest in. It will be your pad, your hub, your personal space. Let's move on to the amenities. Each one of our many amenities, actually. They include everything from what is considered essential to those that are considered non-essential. From amenities, we come to life at Stanza Living. We feel it should not be limited to just your rooms. So we organize movie screenings, game nights, festive celebrations, and more (all with proper social distancing, of course). Now, these are just three reasons off the top of our heads. There are many more reasons to choose Stanza Living over a local ladies and gents PG in Ahmedabad. But to say it in one sentence - Choose Stanza Living because it is not just a PG, but your second home. To have a healthy lifestyle check out these Gyms in Ahmedabad.

Portland House MALE
Double, Triple, Quadruple Hot and Delicious Meals, Spacious Refrigerator and +7 more
Starts from ₹ 10,099 /mo*
Odessa House FEMALE
Quadruple Hot and Delicious Meals, Spacious Refrigerator and +7 more
Starts from ₹ 12,099 /mo*
Evanston House MALE
Vastrapur & Thaltej
Double, Triple Hot and Delicious Meals, Spacious Refrigerator and +7 more
Starts from ₹ 11,999 /mo*
Innsbruck House MALE
Double, Triple Hot and Delicious Meals, Water Purifier and +9 more
Starts from ₹ 14,199 /mo*
Elgin House MALE
Bopal & Shilaj
Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple Hot and Delicious Meals, Laundry Service and +4 more
Starts from ₹ 10,899 /mo*
Colmar House MALE
Vastrapur & Thaltej
Double, Triple, Quadruple Hot and Delicious Meals, Water Purifier and +9 more
Starts from ₹ 12,399 /mo*
Atlanta House FEMALE
Double, Triple, Quadruple Hot and Delicious Meals, High-Speed WIFI and +3 more
Starts from ₹ 14,999 /mo*

FAQs on PG in Ahmedabad

How Good is the Quality of Food, Laundry, and Room Cleaning Services of PGs in Ahmedabad?

No doubt, you’ll find more than one pg with food in Ahmedabad that also offers laundry and room cleaning services. But compared to the curated meals, and the professionally trained laundry and housekeeping facilities that Stanza Living will provide, we doubt if they can be considered good enough.

Which is the Best Boys PG in Ahmedabad?

It’s not hard to find a pg in Ahmedabad for boys. But the absolute pg is the one that doesn’t make you feel like you’re staying in pg rooms. We’re talking about, of course, Stanza Living.

Which is the Best PG Girls Hostel in Ahmedabad with Single Occupancy?

There is no shortage of paying guest accommodation in Ahmedabad for girls hostel, be it single or double occupancy. Some of them are good, but why settle for anything but the best? Now, we all know, to be the best, girls pg in Ahmedabad has to be more than normal girls pg. And no place does that better than Stanza Living.

How is Stanza Living Different from any other Local PG in Ahmedabad?

Simply put - every local, cheap pg is just a simple paying guest. But Stanza Living will be more than that. Stanza Living will be your second home.

What is the Best Way to Search for a Furnished Women’s PG near me?

Well, you’re already in the best place for it. In order to find the best ladies & women’s hostel near you Simply go through our residences in the city, and we’re pretty sure your search for an affordable, furnished paying guest(pg) in Ahmedabad will be over.

Which are the Best localities for a Hostel or PG room in Ahmedabad?

There are some good localities for PG in Ahmedabad such as:

The great news is that in all these localities, you don’t have to stay in a local sharing pg hostel, but can live in your second home, contact Stanza Living to stay in the best PG in Ahmedabad.

What is the Cost of Single Room Girls Hostels in Ahmedabad?

In terms of rent, a typical single room Ladies Hostel or a girls hostel in Ahmedabad will set you back a few thousand rupees a month. But for the same amount, Stanza Living will also provide you with the home feeling in Ahmedabad. And that feeling is priceless.

How Safe are Ladies Hostel Near me?

We can’t speak about the safety of others Girls and Ladies Hostel near you, but at every Stanza Living residence, we have a robust, tech-enabled security system that includes biometric entry and CCTV cameras. For us, anything less than that is not safe enough.

What Amenities does Stanza Living PG in Ahmedabad Provide?

Where do we even start? WiFi, AC, hot water, induction plates, power backup, even parking. The list of amenities goes on and on. And yes, it does vary from residence to residence. But one thing is fixed - it’s more than what any pg in Ahmedabad gives you.

How Stanza Living will Keep you Safe from COVID-19?

For good reason, COVID-19 is on everyone’s minds these days. None more so than us. That’s why we are giving 100s for the purpose of keeping our residences free from the coronavirus. From social distancing in common areas to regular sanitization of the entire premises, no measure is unnecessary in our book. In fact, you can read up about all of those measures in detail over here: